B2B Expressway-C

Configure Zones for B2B on Expressway-C

Now that you have configured the dial plan for inbound and outbound calls on the Expressway-E, you can turn your attention to the Expressway-C. Recall that you already have the Zone to UCM configured as well as three Zones for CMS, one for each individual server. You only need a rule to route calls that don't match the local Unified CM or CMS domains to the traversal zone so that it will reach the Expressway-E.

  1. Log in to the Expressway-C at https://expc1a.pod2.cms.lab
  2. (username: admin and password: c1sco123)
  3. Navigate to Configuration > Dial plan > Search rules.
  4. Click New
  5. Create a Search Rule with the following:

    Parameter Value
    Rule Name Outbound Zone
    Priority 150
    Protocol SIP
    Mode Alias pattern match
    Pattern type Regex
    Pattern string (?!.*@(conf\.)?pod2\.cms\.lab).*

    Note: Notice this is the same as the DNS zone on the Expressway-E.
    Pattern behavior Leave
    On successful match Continue

    Note: Having this parameter set to Continue allows Expressway to keep searching for possible matches if there is a failure on this rule. We will show a use case for this later on when CMS is used to convert different SIP variants.
    Target Traversal Zone

Finally, we need to verify that TURN is configured and place a test call.